Meet Merlijn Harting. Merlijn is 46 years old, lives in Dreischor (Zeeland) and has been working in the shipping industry practically all his life. He started 30 years ago loading and unloading ships in the ports of Vlissingen, went sailing on a barge after which he went back to shore where he worked for various employers in different positions.

Since January 2022 Merlijn works as Operations Coordinator at Van Wijngaarden Marine Services which was arranged by TRESIOS Crewing & Careers. He is responsible for the operations for the fleet of sea vessels, which are active in both large and small projects all around the world, for amongst others towing and dredging, anchor handling, survey, ploughing, etc.

Facilitator, communicator, coordinator
In his position as Operations Coordinator, Merlijn is the link between the commercial department and the fleet and ensures that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. This means a lot of communication between and with customers and crew and of course there are many things that need to be arranged to support the boats during their work. In addition, Wijngaarden Marine Services has a number of ‘inland’ vessels which, amongst others, provide transport over inland water and assistance for various reasons in the ports and at shipyards. Here too, Merlijn is responsible for both the operational and the commercial part.

The variety between sea and inland shipping and supporting the many different activities that the boats carry out within many global projects, make Merlijn a perfect fit. Each project has its specific requirements, and each location has different challenges; all activities have their own risks and technical limitations and of course safety must be guaranteed at all times.

Never not learning
Because we’re never really done learning, Merlijn gets support from the QHSE, Technical Department and crew on board to keep developing. He therefore regularly tries to be on board to learn exactly what the work entails and what he should know to be able to prepare projects properly. This means that he also has to travel every now and then to board a ship, which only makes his job even more fun and interesting.

The culture at Van Wijngaarden Marine Services is very pleasant and there is a lot of laughter. There is a mentality of ‘actions speaks louder than words’, of being agile and taking responsibility with the entire team when circumstances demand it. Fortunately, the lines of communication are very short which Merlijn really appreciates. Van Wijngaarden Marine Services is a very committed employer who does a lot for his people.

Merlijn about TRESIOS Crewing & Careers

“After the team of TRESIOS C&C introduced me to Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, I was quickly invited for an interview. The guidance from TRESIOS was very good. They didn’t just shove CV’s around but really looked at what kind of work would suit me, what would fit in with my wishes, my background, experience, and the work culture I was looking for. This makes it much more likely that you will quickly land in the right place, within the right company.

I look at TRESIOS as a professional organization in the energy and maritime sector that does not flinch from complex issues. In addition, they have an enormous network in these industries that they can use to help people find the right job. So, if anyone in my surroundings is looking for a serious job, I will certainly send them to TRESIOS.”

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