About Tresios

TRESIOS is a turnkey project management company for the energy, maritime and civil construction industry. We deliver our projects end-to-end with the support of our full-service portfolio and highly skilled specialists. The perfect one-stop-shop.

Our ability to quickly scale-up our capacity and skills, because of our multidisciplined backgrounds, efficient way of working and extensive network, provides us a unique position and makes us a lean and reliable partner.

We operate and provide our services worldwide and we will take care of any challenge. Together with our team we are here to provide you the service you need. #WEMAKEITHAPPEN.


To challenge the way services are being provided to the maritime, (renewable) energy and civil construction industry.

By being a reliable partner, end-to-end and by making (technical) knowledge, skills, and capacity scalable, accessible, and profitable.

Every project we run is delivered turnkey, which is made possible by our full-service portfolio existing of Project Management, Engineering, Marine Services, Crewing & Careers and QA & QC Services.


We want to be the best reliable partner our clients can find in the industry, impressing them by our way of working. “We had no clue how you were going to do it, but now we’re amazed by how you did it.”


We operate and provide our services worldwide and we will take care of any challenge. We’re committed and driven to bring every project to a good end. No matter the size or complexity: we’re getting it done. We deliver our services in an effective manner, decisively, and value increasing. Passively waiting is not in our nature, we are true go-getters and always pro-actively looking for the best possible solution for our clients. #WEMAKEITHAPPEN.

With our turnkey services, extensive knowledge, and end-to-end approach we create a big advantage for our clients: we can swiftly respond to their needs, we can easily scale-up our capacity and skills and remain our high-quality standard. This makes us the perfect one-stop-shop for the maritime, (renewable) energy and civil construction industry. We look beyond and all the way, always staying open-minded and receptive to new ideas and perspectives to keep innovating. We are full-service in all areas.

Whether you’re a client, partner, or colleague: we’re a team. We take care of the wellbeing of all those who we are working with, making them feel at home at Tresios. Because building a successful company and business is better when doing it together. We work hard and with dedication but having fun is not less important. That’s our DNA. Welcome to the family.

Our people are our most valuable assets, addressing both our internal team as well as our Talentpool. All our professionals have a long personal track record in their field of expertise and have shown their loyalty to Tresios for many years already. By providing the necessary tools and support we encourage our people to never stop learning and share knowledge with peers. This makes us a knowledgeable partner who can supply highly skilled specialists with multidisciplinary backgrounds all over the world.

Call it our ‘offshore attitude’ but we like to be always open and honest. What you see is what you get, there are no strings attached. Yes, we want to be profitable in everything we do but we remain transparent at all times. We strive to be a sincere partner to everyone we work with.

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