Embracing any on- and offshore challenge

Our Engineering team embraces any off- and onshore engineering challenge and supports clients around a wide array of engineering projects. From small-scale assignments such as lift plans and steel structures analysis, to vast and complex projects such as multi-story buildings in the city centre or suburban, offshore pipelay, installation of oil & gas and wind energy structures, decommissioning of offshore platforms and jackets.

We utilize the strong analytical skills and knowledge of our qualified top-tier engineers, who are working both office based as onsite, and combine it with their extensive experience in multiple on- and offshore markets. You can imagine, that by having all these bright creative minds with multidisciplinary capabilities in the same place, an in-house incubator of innovate and technical solutions has emerged.

We know how to ‘think out of the box’, but we rather see there’s no box at all. Our way of working enables us to continuously strive for innovation pushing the boundaries of what is possible and hereby provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

On- and offshore

The way services are being provided to the maritime and offshore market is what sparked the idea to start TRESIOS, to offer an alternative and different way of working. This is where it all started and where are roots go back to. Offshore we focus mainly on projects in the energy sector (renewables, oil and gas) and related to infrastructure (pipe-laying, decommissioning, installation, etc.).

Because of the stripes we earned in the offshore market, we started to attract different types of clients and projects in the built environment as well. Within the built environment, we focus on residential, industrial, and functional facilities. Think of multi-story buildings, hangars, and all kinds of industrial buildings.

Let’s have a look at our Structural, Civil, Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture capabilities and services.




TRESIOS has been involved with Structural Engineering for many years, mainly in the maritime and offshore environment. It has been a passion for our company from the first day of its establishment and has evolved from the offshore and maritime sector into almost the entire scope in the last few years. The strives and challenges of the worldwide locations out in the sea or nearshore, has created a tenacious mentality that is driving our team to undertake any challenge.

Our Civil Engineering team is mainly based in Athens, Greece. Greece has favored our engineering capabilities rapidly and therefore made our civil construction activities, both on- and offshore grown exponentially. We have successfully completed many engineering designs and studies for a variety of companies and individuals, like steel structures, building reinforcements and several structural engineering assignments.

The past yearS our Naval and Marine Engineering and capabilities skills have been rapidly growing due to the increasing industry demand. Designing or modifying a vessel, yacht or boat is both an art as well as it is science. Therefore, we don’t limit ourselves to just doing one aspect but are capable of completing the entire process: from design till execution and construction.

Services overview

Ensuring a safe and efficient transport of your cargo for offshore (wind) installation. From normal cargo and containers to pipe transportation, jacket and topside.

  • Design all the elements of a subject of any scale to be secured on a vessel in detail (rigging design with detailed drawings).
  • Planning the most efficient solution that lowers the cost for the client and delivers maximum safety at once: calculation of sea fastening loads and design of a spread load structure and classification / certification approval.

Repair and maintenance of equipment and vessels, from design to execution and construction, done according to our high quality and safety standards:

  • Finite element analysis
  • 3D scanning retrofit scheme
  • Detailing design
  • Welding procedure and specifications
  • Assessment of the existing situation
  • Site inspection
  • Providing engineering supervisors and crewing (welders a.o.)
  • Planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of vessel transports.
  • Stability calculations
  • Motion analysis
  • Sea fastening calculations
  • Finite element analysis (structural design)
  • Welding procedures and specifications
  • Rigging design
  • Construction drawings
  • Classification / certification approval
  • Resistance calculations & hull design
  • Interior & exterior design
  • Structural/rigidity calculations
  • Stability analysis
  • Custom modifications
  • Shipbuilding/manufacturing
  • Preparation of all required drawings
  • Stability calculations
  • Finite element analysis & detailing design
  • Welding procedure and specifications
  • Deck strength assessment
  • Rigging design
  • Deck strengthening
  • Construction drawings
  • Classification / certification approval
  • Able to provide experienced personnel:
  • Offshore representatives
  • Onshore consultancy PM&E
  • Senior Advisors
  • Engineering specialists & reviewers
  • Auditors and Inspectors
  • Pipelay & structure installation analysis and procedures
  • AWTI analyses and procedures
  • Diving expertise (experts, equipment, rigging design, task plans)
  • Onsite assistance

Offshore wind

  • Offshore wind turbines installation analyses & procedures
  • Monopiles design and foundation checks
  • Transition pieces design
  • Lift plans
  • Conceptual design (specialized lifting tools, installation aids)
  • Operational & HSE guidance (risk analyses, HAZOP, HAZID)
  • Offshore wind training programs

Engineering & Crewing

The power is in the people: TRESIOS Crewing & Careers can provide you with specialized office-based talents. A key element in our services is being able to identify what will work for your company. Like you, we want the best solution possible – within the desired timeframe. We don’t just focus on a job that needs to be done, but we look beyond to see and challenge human potential. Learn more here.


Nikolaos Malissovas
Engineering Director

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