We support clients around a wide array of engineering projects

From small-scale assignments such as lift plans and steel structures analysis. To vast and complex projects such as offshore pipelay, installation of oil & gas and wind energy structures, decommissioning of offshore platforms and jackets.

Our engineering services include, but are not limited to, structural & naval analyses

As well as reports, drawings, operational procedures, asset suitability surveys, fabrication inspections, field engineering and third-party authority compliance.

We deliver complete engineering work packages

We utilize the strong analytical skills of qualified top-tier engineers. Our engineers are located in Rotterdam and at our office in Athens, combined with the operational expertise of experienced offshore specialists and on-site engineers.

Thinking out of the box is our greatest strength

We analyze, evaluate and improve processes, methods and equipment utilization. We continuously strive for innovation pushing the boundaries of what is possible.




  • Subsea Pipelines, Structures & Cables
  • Offshore Jackets & Topsides
  • Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Structural Assessments & Conceptual Design
  • Decommissioning of Jackets and Topsides
  • Salvage
  • Diving Interventions
  • Vessel Equipment Overhaul
  • Ship building (recreational & construction)
  • Repairs, extensions & overhaul
  • Motion analyses
  • Stability assessments
  • Structural design
  • Onshore pipelines
  • Onshore wind turbines
  • Buildings (Industrial & Residential)
  • Ports, marinas & jetties
  • Mechanical & electrical works

More about our Engineering Services:

AWTI - Tresios

Subsea pipelines, structures & cables

We provide a complete engineering package (analyses, procedures, drawings) for offshore pipeline, structures (PLETs, in-line valves, etc) AWTI, pull-ins, and cable lay installation projects. Our top-tier onshore engineers located in Rotterdam and Athens offices are working together with experienced offshore engineering specialists (Superintendents, Chief Engineers, Barge Foremen, Field Engineers) to design integrated solutions for the offshore industry, complying with the highest safety standards. TRESIOS holds  licenses of the most advanced software packages for offshore operations, ORCAFLEX and OFFPIPE.


Ship building (Recreational & Construction)

We provide complete naval architecture packages offering ship building services for recreational & construction vessels. In-house engineering workforce and cutting-edge software like, Rhino 3D, NAPA, MAXSURF, R-FEM and Abacus are utilized.

Onshore Pipelines

Onshore Pipelines

We deliver complete engineering packages (analyses, procedures, drawings) for onshore oil&gas pipeline installations. Sewage and water networks design and construction services can be provided utilising our extensive network of subcontractors. TRESIOS is involved in the engineering and construction phase of a wide range of onshore structures.

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