TRESIOS Marine Services provides services having a nautical bearing, whether it is maritime safety, load-out supervision, chartering, certification, inspections, or mobilization/demobilization of vessels.

The versatile services are done by our own professionals and being offered and executed worldwide. ​

Our clients are owners, operators and charterers and to vessels of all types and sizes around the world. We create value to our clients to give them the most efficient solution(s) for any enquiry. ​This with regards to safety, time, costs, quality, and location(s).

Our Marine Services includes:

  • On-hire, off-hire and suitability surveys​
  • Assistance with class surveys and flag changes​
  • Technical vessel and machinery inspections​
  • Management of mobilization and demobilization​
  • Market research and chartering of vessels and barges​
  • Onsite load-out supervision​
  • Dry dock planning & supervision​
  • Procurement & project logistics​
  • Lay-up & re-activation of vessels​
  • Contract & claim management


Jelle Meijer
Marine Services Officer

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