TRESIOS QA & QC Services assures our clients that every project that’s being executed is done by the highest quality, health, and safety standards. Whether it’s a project managed by TRESIOS or another party: our QA & QC Services can be deployed at all times, enabling us to be of full-service to our clients.

Our QA & QC Services include

  • Quality recruitment. Providing inspection personnel worldwide.
  • Quality management team. From document control to quality management. Making life easier with an established team of professionals.
  • Quality inspections. Welding inspection, coating inspection, plant inspection, paint inspection, third party inspections and many many more.
  • Remote inspections. Inspection and witnessing remotely through live view communication between the vessel and the office.
  • Internal and external audits. Preparation and execution of audits.
  • Inspection with drones. Avoid scaffold and risk to health and safety by using drones for inspection.
  • Complete as-built software. Designed database with remote access for as-built documentation.

The power is in our people: our inspectors form an established and experienced team who together can complete any project, both onsite as through remote support. All of our inspectors are provided with project documentation before mobilization in order to familiarize themselves with the project.

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